Preserving Shoes in Rainy Days

Erratic weather, the rain suddenly makes you “backhands up” to preserve the pair of shoes.
Rain moisture you worry when the pair of shoe skin is moldy. Here are some tips to preserve you can consult to help the favorite shoes are durable.

Best shoes ever

The shoe was embedded water

When the shoes were absorbed by rainwater, you must first withdraw the insoles off and dry out of the House. Use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt and then use a dry cloth to clean a weekly. Fully padded tear newspapers into shoes, doing so just to keep quote-water the shoes do not deform and change the paper about 2-3 times (in 1-2 days). Absolutely not carried out because the Sun-like shoe leather will be hard, tight skin, causing contraction snapped or tear

Get shoes

When the shoes were moist, before going to bed you can put on a little flour, limelight, when you wake up, you will see the shoes dry, will travel more pleasant, and avoid being the rheumatic disorder.

As for the shoes have feathers or feet, when you can get dryer, dryer directly into the shoes for a few minutes, so don’t dry the shoes but also warmer.

Eliminate odors in shoes: footwear often do sweat all day wet, causing the smell. Staff bags against moisture should put into the shoes to the hygroscopic and sprinkle talcum to deodorant. Use insoles deodorant is also a good method

For other types of canvas shoes

Dry your shoes

It rains all kinds of art will be wet and dirty infuse. Once there, the toilet should start when the pump was dry. Pat shoes to the dirt on the soles of shoes dropped out, wet clean white, from dried sludge removal from the stick on the shoes, then remove the new line of shoes.

Avoid embedding all the shoes in the water will make the shoes were pale and Pasty-prone. Use the embedded water brush dry or dirty base brush toothpaste, hair wet towel then wipes and clean again using a dry cloth.

If the shoes were extreme poverty, we should use warm water to rinse them. Then cleaning with the old toothbrush dipped water wash/dry air water or shampoo diluted with hot water, absolutely do not use laundry detergents have strong detergents, toiletries from the inside out and the other edge, rinse with cold water. If stain remains, continue to use the sink scrubbing pads gently, then rinse. If the shoes still smell, foaming water soda (ratio 1:1), clean the shoes washed with cold water.

After cleaning, the shoe stuffed with full pieces, paper towels or paper Office White (not using paper or printer paper have cartridge), to dry with a shoelace, not to close to the fireplace or air are hot heat, because direct exposure will make the shoes dry and cracked.

To shoes in the place where there is direct sunlight, avoid staying wet too long shoes, home dry would be stain and odors.

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